Ball check valve for hydrogen (m/f)

Ball check valve for hydrogen/ non-return valve for hydrogen, Item number: 901021-67

To prevent reverse flow and where a tight shut-off is not mandatory, EV hydrogen® ball check valves are mandatory. The ball check valves are designed with a floating ball, and a cradled seat. The design gives a full flow around the ball which minimizes the pressure drop.

Maximum working pressure: 1.500 bar/ 21.500 psi. Temperature range: -60°C to +200°C. Connections: Cone/ Thread. Opening pressure: 2 bar/29 psi.

EV Hydrogen® check valves comply with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EC

Details about the product
Item number: Dimension:  NV: Length mm: Flow coefficient (Kv):
901021-62 1/4 1/4" 22 75 0,26
901021-62 3/8 3/8" 27 86 0,54
901021-62 9/16 9/16" 36 109 2,1
901021-62 3/4 3/4" 50 140 To be informed
Data sheets
User Manual for Medium Pressure Fittings & Valves 1kb