A sense for good quality from our loyal machine operators and assemblers followed up by a certified ISO9001:2015 quality system ensures that EV Metalværk A/S (EV HYDROGEN®) always supplies high-end quality at the expected time. After approved process control and final inspection, the products are transferred to the following processes:

Pressure test

Our products are 100% quality inspected before and after assembly. Pressure test, tightness test, and visual inspection are part of the everyday quality control for every fitting and every valve delivered. Because we build system modules ourselves, we are aware of the importance of safety and our understanding of minimal risk tolerance help us to produce safe products. We do that to ensure the safety of our employees and our clients but also to minimize the potential risk of a system failure on site.

Laser marking

Laser marking of product information on all parts is part of the standard documentation and EV Metal is proud to have two efficient laser marking machines at its disposal. Private labeling (company branding) has become a cooperate strategy for many companies and EV Metal offers of course this service, also.


All products are assembled by our experienced staff in Ringkøbing. This way we always secure the highest quality.


Our products are skin packed as standard to protect from foreign objects and dust. Products are boxed and put on a pallet for shipping. Furthermore, our clients can demand separate product handling and care, unique packaging, or even unique product labeling if necessary.


EV Metal makes use of all recognized carriers, forwarders, and shipping companies. Furthermore, our clients can demand their unique mode of transportation and separate shipping company of their choice.

Quality Policy

  • We think customer satisfaction in every situation.
  • Ensure a smooth and efficient processing of all customer inquiries.
  • Focus on personal safety.
  • Quality assurance of our products in accordance with current quality requirements.
  • Safety in our products based on a common understanding of quality.
  • Focus on resource planning, start-up control, process control and final inspection.
  • Complying with the agreed delivery time, quantity, and packaging.
  • Delivery performance is targeted to at least 96,5%.
  • Continuous improvements through good information flow and customer requirements.
  • Use of qualified and approved suppliers.
  • Raw materials are purchased from reputable suppliers.
  • Clean and tidy workplaces.
  • Follow-up on internal errors as well as supplier errors.
  • Waste and rejection of goods must be minimized.

Quality & Services

  • We think safety and test our products to customer requirements.
  • Ability to listen and to understand customer needs.
  • Experience with the demands of international customers as their preferred partner.
  • Possibility of 24-hour emergency supplies.
  • 50 years of theoretical and practical experience.
  • Certified ISO 9001:2015 quality system.
  • Ability to process complex items with tight tolerances and items in hard-to-machine materials.
  • Material- and pressure test certificates.
  • Measuring reports.
  • Products available with traceability.
  • Raw materials are purchased only from European reputable suppliers.
  • EV's output control is often = our customers input control.
  • AAA rating for the highest rating in economics.
  •  To comply with the agreed delivery time, quantity, and packaging. If this is not possible the customer is contacted ASAP for suggestions for alternative solutions.
  • Customers are smoothly operated with a focus on customer requirements and needs.
  • Our flexibility of production is ensured by optimization of machine resources and by securing the necessary personnel and the necessary hardware resource.


See our ISO 90001:2015 certificate