Hydrogen testing facility 

Safety, reliability and durability is essential for us as well as for our customers. As an experienced manufacturer of products for high pressure we have learned that leak tests, burst tests, stress tests and endurance tests can be carried out in different ways. But, the only way to come as close to real product performance as possible is to test with hydrogen, unfortunately. 

Unfortunately, because hydrogen is a difficult gas to handle. Partly because you need extensive knowledge of hydrogen as a gas and partly because you need extensive experience in handling test systems. Handling hydrogen as a test gas must be as safe as possible which is why only a small number of employees at EV Hydrogen® are accredited to test with hydrogen. In order to test with hydrogen, you need a suitable and safe place with good ventilation and a high focus on personal safety.

They say: "Don´t do this at home!"; But we do, because we feel that it is the right thing to do.

We are proud to inform our customers that EV Hydrogen® has opened a new and special designed test facility for the purpose of safe product testing with hydrogen.

Welcome to EV Hydrogen's new test facility.