Components and engineering for hydrogen systems since 2008


The name EV Hydrogen® is new, but the EV brand heads 90 years back in time with the Danish mother company EV Metalværk.

EV Metalværk manufactures industrial valves, fittings, and machined components for customers all over the world. EV Hydrogen® specializes in products for Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) with customers in Europe, USA and Asia.

Since 2007 we have had focus on hydrogen and step by step, we began a hydrogen journey by developing a full and comprehensive standard program of fittings and valves for hydrogen along with special OEM solutions for this industry. We wrapped all together in a new brand EV Hydrogen® which has focus on the green agenda that inspires and develops more hydrogen companies every day, worldwide.

Besides the product manufacturing and to complete the mission of going further in the hydrogen business EV Hydrogen® today designs and constructs individual system solutions, storage modules and other system units for hydrogen.

We are famous in the industry for listening to the customer and we are not afraid of designing a product to customer specification.

As an engineer or a category lead you might know the good feeling when you find something that you have been looking for, but didn´t know where to find? - Well, we think that you will have such a feeling with EV Hydrogen®

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Product development is part of our DNA, and our engineering department has for five decades contributed to the design and development of a great variety of industrial valves, manifolds, fittings, and customized OEM solutions for the machine building industry.

Years of engineering experience with a great variety of sectors and lessons learned has made Metalværk internationally well-known for developing and manufacturing components, valves, manifolds, and system solutions for clients, worldwide.

Local and international companies contact EV Metalværk to get the expertise, service, and the quality of products that they cannot find elsewhere, and this is part of the reason why EV Metalværk globally services more than 400 customers in 60 different industrial sectors where hydrogen is now to become one of the largest sectors.


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Every energy renewable evolution comes to a point where the market demands cost effective unit solutions with less footprint. Compact hydrogen storage solutions, smart hydrogen trailer modules, and space saving hydrogen units have become the tipping point in everybody’s interest of making hydrogen business cost effective, profitable and a game changer in the energy sector.

As part of the product portfolio, EV Hydrogen® designs and builds modules and units for hydrogen purposes. Years of experience in manufacturing fittings, manifolds and valves are combined with the P&ID layout of piping and monitoring equipment and constructed to customers specifications. Our knowledge is accumulated from years in the offshore oil & gas sector as well as from constructing hydrogen storage modules and hydrogen trailer modules to customers worldwide.

Please contact our engineering team to discuss your ideas and P&ID.


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Our core values are product quality and safety

Our valves and fittings are designed especially for hydrogen re-fueling stations, hydrogen storage modules and multiple other applications up to a pressure of 21.500 psi. View them all here.

Our product line of valves and fittings inherits the benefits of a compact cone & threaded connection, which makes it perfect for hydrogen refueling stations and hydrogen storage applications, oil & gas applications where acid-proof stainless steel is required and when 100% documentation and traceability is a requirement.

Thanks to our development center we also have the profound ability of generating customized solutions with specific designs based on customers’ demands or ideas.