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Hydrogen Trailer Module


For a leading Danish hydrogen company EV Hydrogen® has recently designed, constructed, and delivered a first prototype for a transportable H2 trailer module to be used for distributing large quantities of hydrogen to the grid of hydrogen re-fueling stations and other hydrogen points-of-use.

The system is a mix of manual needle valves, solenoid valves, filters and digital gauges combined with ¾” CNC-bended tubing which ensures to smooth rounding’s and excellent sealing surfaces. As part of quality control and FAT the system was tight tested with 550 bar hydrogen before delivery.

At EV Hydrogen® we are proud having the knowledge and the ability to test with hydrogen up to 1500 bar.


H2 Powered Trucks


EV Hydrogen® is proud of being supplier of valves and fittings for hydrogen re-fueling safety-units to one of the largest European truck manufactures.





Privat label manufacturer

EV Hydrogen® is proud of being privat label manufacturer of hydrogen valves and hydrogen fittings to one of the worlds largest fluid control companies, but sorry; We can´t tell you who they are.



Supplier to the best in class and leading H2 re-fueling station manufacturer in Europe.

Since 2008 EV Hydrogen® has been proud of being supplier to one of the worlds greatest re-fueling station manufactures.



Every energy renewable evolution comes to a point where the market demands cost effective unit solutions with less footprint. Compact hydrogen storage solutions, smart hydrogen trailer modules, and space saving hydrogen units have become the tipping point in everybody’s interest of making hydrogen business cost effective, profitable and a game changer in the energy sector.

As part of the product portfolio, EV Hydrogen® designs and builds modules and units for hydrogen purposes. Years of experience in manufacturing fittings, manifolds and valves are combined with the P&ID layout of piping and monitoring equipment and constructed to customers specifications. Our knowledge is accumulated from years in the offshore oil & gas sector as well as from constructing hydrogen storage modules and hydrogen trailer modules to customers worldwide.

Please contact our engineering team to discuss your ideas and P&ID.