3-stage filter

Hy-Strainer® 3-stage strainer is developed to satisfy the demands at heavy duty Hydrogen fueling facilities and sites where multiple dispensers are connected to a common fueling storage.

Thus, flow of +300 g/s are comfortably handled in the 3-stage separating system, starting with cyclone particulate separation for longer element duty life in remaining separation stages.

Pressure containment in EN 1.4404 stainless steel ensures resistance to hydrogen embrittlement, but also duty in other aggressive and high-pressure gaseous applications.
•3 stage strainer to 0,2 µm particulate separation.
•Developed to satisfy high flow and low pressure drop.
•1’’ MP connections.
•MAWP to 1050 Bar
•Temperature from -60°C to +80°C standard.
•Other temperature ranges on request.
•9/16’’ and ¾’’ MP connections available on request.
•In line tube connections.
•Bottom drain for liquid separation and particle purge.
•∆P sockets standard 3/8’’ MP.
•Easy element replacement.
•Robust mounting console
•CE marked in accordance with 68/2014/EU, Cat IV.
•In accordance with ASME B31.3

Product details
Item number: Connection: C/T Working pressure: Particulate separation: Max. Flow rate:  
 9040 9/16  9/16"  1050 bar 0,2 µm  +300 g/sec. Available Q4 2024
 9040 1  1"  1050 bar 0,2 µm  +300 g/sec.