Refurbishing of pneumatic (air-operated) needle valves.

Our world has a limited supply of resources, energy and raw materials. Recycling is not new to EV Metalværk, though. We have been recycling raw materials such as brass, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum for many years and moreover as part of EV Metalværks Sustainable Development Goals, we want to help us all start thinking about sustainability and thus recycling the goods and resources we consume.

Product details

Refurbished is allmost as good as new!

EV Hydrogen® has great success in offering to restore used pneumatic needle valves for its customers.

The reason of refurbishing?
Answer: Cost-effectiveness and Sustainability.

As with many other consumer goods, it is essential that the product is designed with recycling in mind and that the product is made of good and durable materials. This means that the product is of good quality at birth. The product needs to be serviced at an appropriate interval depending on the consumption pattern, but instead of replacing new with new, EV Hydrogen® offers to refurbish the original product to near-new condition. This saves time, energy resources and material resources.

Do we get the same warranty as with a new product?
Answer: Yes.

EV Hydrogen® guarantees that the product has the same function and lifetime as when it was new. However, any scratches and scuffs from previous use are part of the product's life cycle and this "patina" is of course included in the refurbished product.

What does a refurbished product cost in comparison to a new product ?
Answer: It depends on the condition of the product. (Please contact us).

If you would like to hear more about this option, please contact us.