As part of the product portfolio, EV Hydrogen® designs and builds storage modules and storage units for hydrogen purposes. Depending on the purpose clients can opt for a cost-effective standard solution or a customized expandable module solution. Depending on the purpose and the need for storage capacity our clients have the option of customizing the HY-STORE® module for the expected capacity needed. Thanks to the add-on design the HY-STORE® can easily be enlarged when demand is accelerating and the need for storage capacity grows.

Product details

Available in two configurations - your choice.

  • as intergrated turn-key storage module (Please see above phote, left)
  • as plug-in and stand-alone-valve-unit. (Please see above photo, right)

Clients can according to demand opt between an intergrated solution that boats both the HY-STORE® valve unit including 500 bar storage cylinder racks, or the - HY-STORE® valve unit - as stand-alone. The stand-alone option is for cylinder manufactures, and others, who demand an intelligent valve system to master the flow from their hydrogen storage cylinder racks to the next-in-line process application.

Scalability on demand

Up-time is essential and therefore HY-STORE® was designed for giving end-users the option of adding one or two or several HY-STORE® section modules to the base module which safely and quickly doubles or triples capacity with a minimum of downtime. For cylinder manufactures the HY-STORE® valve unit gives the possibility for a cost-effective stand-alone-unit that gives an intelligent and smooth solution to any storage cylinder system.

Customized solutions

As an option EV Hydrogen® offers bespoke storage solutions as to customer specifications.

Please contact our sales team to discuss your project and requests and to setting up a meeting with our engineering team.