Double block & bleed valve for hydrogen

The EV HYDROGEN® DBB valve is available either as manual handle operated valve or with a pneumatic actuator.

The valve features:
• Design pressure: 1050 Bar MAWP
• Manual handle operated or with pneumatic actutor
• Large bore globe valve in the main flow means low pressure drop at high flow.
• 3/8’’ needle valve as bleed function.
• 1’’ and ¾’’ MP sockets (9/16’’ MP coming soon?)
• Compliant to (Produced in accordance with) 68/2014/EC and ASME B31.3
• All EN 1.4404 pressure enclosure for hydrogen compatibility.
• Lock out/tag out on request (Not shown).
• In-line main flow.

Technical data sheet for download:
Product details

The EV Hydrogen® double block and bleed valve has been developed to satisfy the demand for high flow and low pressure drop. Among many obvious advantages, low pressure drop allows the user to capitalize the significant investment in storage capacity related to hydrogen fueling facilities.

In the hydrogen refueling facilities of the future, efforts to enable service without interrupting fueling will become crucial to the hydrogen customer. To allow for service without downtime on the facility, a clever separation of the fueling storage into sections with individual double block and bleed units will enable to isolate areas and allow for service in these isolated areas. As example this could be inspection of storage, or replacement of safety valves or/and service on compressors, valve panels or dispensers.

Boiled down to the essence: From the storage to the vehicle, several points of double block and bleed is required to avoid disturbing too large storage areas, and thus prevent the customer from fueling. With the EV Hydrogen® double block and bleed valve, with close to nominal bores, the pressure drop between the storage and the vehicle is minimized, and higher flowrate at minor pressure difference is maintained. This means better capitalization of the storage volume.