Hy-Priority® - Multi-directional distribution system for hydrogen.

• Design pressure: 1050 bar
• Max. working pressure: 1050 bar
• Compact design
• Integrated check valves
• Modular & flexible
• Scalable
• Easy to service in order to minimize down-time
• Leak tested and function tested with hydrogen
• Plug & Play installation

Possibility for customized systems according to customers P&ID.

Technical data sheet is available upon request.:
Product details

HY-PRIORITY® manifold system features:

For EPC contracters and end-users who wish to secure up-time by simplifying the proces of (1) - Filling cylinders or (2) - Guiding a hydrogen flow from a primarily source (i.e. truck-trailer-module) and between compressors and dispensors, EV Hydrogen® offers a cost-effective multi-directional distribution system. The system boats from two to several solenoide valve operated manifolds, which ensures high output of hydrogen as well as the flexibility to scaling up the system as demand for more output rises.

Please see explaining illustration above on the right photo on this page. (Please click on this photo to enlarge)